International Students Guidelines and Rules

These are the guidelines and rules for international (F-1) students attending Truth Christian Academy (TCA) in Littleton, CO, USA. The student and the student’s family must understand these guidelines and rules and be willing to follow them.

Initials used in this document:
DSO=Designated School Official
TCA=Truth Christian Academy


The TCA program can lead to a diploma and graduation at any grade level through 12th grade. However, graduation is not guaranteed.

Students must master the schoolwork in order to move to the next level and/or graduate.

The student will read, write, and speak English as well as they can while they attend TCA.

The student will be involved with the community and culture of the host family and TCA, including attending school, church, and
community activities.

The student will participate in games, sports, and exercise as part of TCA’s physical education program. Right now, TCA does not have competitive sports. If the student is able to participate in sports outside of school—such as soccer, tennis, etc.—the host family and TCA must approve of this.

The student will do chores and take other responsibilities in the host family, just like the children in the host family do. The student must obey the host family’s rules and participate in family activities.

Visits by the student’s family and friends must be approved by the TCA DSO. Host families are not expected to have visitors stay in their home. All these expenses must be paid in advance:

Books and supplies
Hot lunches provided at school
Other expenses such as yearbook and field trips
Host family room and board

The student and his/her family must pay their bills on time.

The student must be able to pay for personal expenses during the semester. TCA will explain how to get a pre-paid debit card. The student’s family can also send funds to TCA, with instructions for using this money. TCA will then help the student budget their expenses.

If the student has to withdraw from the program because of an emergency situation, the program fee will be partially refunded.

The student may travel within the United States with his/her host family. The student may also travel for school-related activities with TCA staff or other approved adults. TCA, the student’s host family, and the student’s parents must approve any other travel in writing.

The student may not travel without an approved adult.

Any personal problems the student has should be discussed with the host family and/or the DSO.

Students will be given information about abuse and harassment. If the student has a problem with abuse or harassment, he/she should immediately talk with his/her DSO, host parents, or another trusted adult.

Student use of the computer, internet, and email will be restricted by the host family (about two hours a week). Long-distance phone calls will also be restricted. This will allow the student to be fully part of the American culture while they are here. In an emergency, of course, the student may call home.


The student must participate in TCA’s orientation before beginning classes. Also, there will be a meeting with the student, the host family, and TCA at the end of the program, to talk about how everything went. In addition, monthly phone calls are required between the host family and/or TCA and the student’s family while the student is in the program.

The host family and TCA must be told before the student leaves the home country.

As an F-1 student, the student must be a full-time student and attend classes regularly. The student is expected to complete assignments on time and participate in classroom activities and discussions.

The student must have insurance with health, medical, and accident coverage for injury and illness, as well as emergency and legal services. This coverage must start when the student leaves his/her home country and continue until he/she returns home. TCA does not provide this insurance. Annual exams by a doctor and up-to-date immunization records are required.

The student is expected to follow the laws of Colorado, the United States, and anywhere visited while he/she is here. If the student breaks a law and is convicted, he/she might be removed from the program and returned home at the parents’ expense.

TCA has rules about proper clothing and use of electronics.

The student is expected to follow those rules.

The student may not have or use illegal drugs. Of course, they may use medication a doctor prescribes. The student may not use alcohol other than wine for Communion if the church provides it.

The student is not allowed to use tobacco in any form.

The student will obey all of TCA’s rules. The student will be respectful to all school adults, as well as being respectful to other students. The student will get a copy of the TCA Disciplinary Policy when he/she is accepted into the program.

The student may not participate in extremely dangerous activities such as hang gliding or bungee jumping. If there are questions, the student should check with the host parents or TCA. If the student participates in an activity that hasn’t been approved by TCA or the host family, the student’s family is responsible for the results.

The student will not participate in sexual activities.

The student may not get a tattoo or get a body piercing while in the program.

The student may not visit questionable websites or use the computer or internet in inappropriate ways.

The student may not operate a motorized vehicle—car, truck, motorcycle, motor scooter, motor bike, etc. All transportation will normally be provided by the host family or TCA.

The student may not borrow money while in the program.

The student must have a round-trip airline ticket before leaving his/her home country.

First-year students are not allowed to go home except for emergency situations. All students must have the approval of the TCA DSO before going home during the program.

We all hope no problems come up during the program. If problems do come up, questions, concerns, or complaints from the student’s family must go through the TCA DSO. Do not contact the host family directly with complaints or concerns.

The student must either return home or re-enroll at TCA within 30 days of the end of the semester. An F-1 student has 60 days to return home. However the host family does not have to provide room and board after the semester ends. TCA can remove any student whose activities or attitude are against the school’s beliefs. If this happens, the student and his/her parents will be told in writing. Funds may not be refunded if this happens.