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What is Holy Communion? Is It the Real Presence of Christ or Simply a Memorial of His Death?

holy communion

There are many doctrines which separate Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Justification, Papal Infallibility and the Magisterium, just to name a few. The Protestant Reformers attacked each and every one of these doctrines, demonstrating quite handily that the Roman Church either ignored the clear teaching of Scripture or flat out denied it.  With other doctrines, the […]

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Liturgy is Not Boring

The Liturgy of the Church

In spite of what many Christians think, liturgy is not boring!A common refrain you hear from ex-Catholics and Evangelicals is that church liturgy is rote, stale, un-spontaneous, repetitious and “not from the heart.”What many Christians fail to realize is that EVERY church has a liturgy.No matter how simple your church service is, it is still […]

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Why Are Christians So Mean?

Why are Christians so mean

Former Pastor reveals all… Why Are Christians so Mean?Practically everybody knows, even folks that aren’t Christians, that the Bible in general and Jesus in particular talked a LOT about love. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you,” and “do good to those that hate you!”There are also […]

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Three Reasons Why the World Has to End

Why the World Has to End

Three Reasons Why the World Has to EndThis is part one of a three-part post in my Theology 101 Series. Part one is – Three Reasons Why the World Has to End. Part two will be – Three Things to Do BEFORE The World Ends. Part three will be, “Three Ways the World Will Be […]

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Is The Corona Virus a LENT From God?

Is the Corona Virus from God

Before I answer the question I posed in the title, I should probably explain the meaning of Lent.The Meaning of LentIf you were raised Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Anglican, you are quite familiar with the season of Lent. In most faith traditions, Lent is essentially 40 days of intermittent fasting, or just giving up […]

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Does the Bible Mention the Corona Virus?

Corona Virus in the Bible

What do you think? Does the Bible Mention the Corona Virus?During such a crisis, many so-called end-times experts are weighing in with their opinions on the meaning of the Corona Virus and how it relates to the end times, or the last days (the Apocalypse).So I set out to find out, does the Bible mention […]

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Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Mary the Mother of God

Catholics worship Mary. Don’t they?One of the most frequent objections you will hear from Protestants about Catholics and Roman Catholics in particular is that Catholics worship Mary. Some Protestants in fact have invented a term for Mary worship: Mariolatry! So, is it true? Do Catholics worship Mary? First of all, saying that all Catholics worship Mary […]

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Catholic Vs Christian: Is it a Thing?

Catholic Vs Christian Question

So what about Catholic vs Christian: Is it a thing?Evangelicals (Protestants) Think This Question is EssentialIf you ask your average Evangelical Christian, including most Baptists, Pentecostals, Reformed folk, etc. they would almost universally say that this distinction… Catholic vs Christian is not only real, it is essential! This is also holds true for nearly every […]

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What is Truth That is Christian?

Christian Cross in Clouds

Truth That is ChristianIs there such a thing as truth that is Christian? Yes. There is truth that is Christian. But the complete answer may surprise you. You see, the story of truth began at the very inception of time and space.”In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)How did God […]

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Was the Protestant Reformation Really a Revolution?

Martin Luther Protestant Reformation

What do you think? Was the Protestant Reformation really a revolution? Many Catholic as well as Orthodox thinkers and writers have re-named the Protestant Reformation. Instead of calling it a “Reformation,” they are calling it a “Revolution.” What is the difference? In short…”The Meaning of ReformationA Reformation is an act of “re-forming” something.” The first definition over […]

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