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Is The Corona Virus a LENT From God?

Is the Corona Virus from God

Before I answer the question I posed in the title, I should probably explain the meaning of Lent.The Meaning of LentIf you were raised Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Anglican, you are quite familiar with the season of Lent. In most faith traditions, Lent is essentially 40 days of intermittent fasting, or just giving up […]

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Does the Bible Mention the Corona Virus?

Corona Virus in the Bible

What do you think? Does the Bible Mention the Corona Virus?During such a crisis, many so-called end-times experts are weighing in with their opinions on the meaning of the Corona Virus and how it relates to the end times, or the last days (the Apocalypse).So I set out to find out, does the Bible mention […]

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