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Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Mary the Mother of God

Catholics worship Mary. Don’t they?One of the most frequent objections you will hear from Protestants about Catholics and Roman Catholics in particular is that Catholics worship Mary. Some Protestants in fact have invented a term for Mary worship: Mariolatry! So, is it true? Do Catholics worship Mary? First of all, saying that all Catholics worship Mary […]

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Catholic Vs Christian: Is it a Thing?

Catholic Vs Christian Question

So what about Catholic vs Christian: Is it a thing?Evangelicals (Protestants) Think This Question is EssentialIf you ask your average Evangelical Christian, including most Baptists, Pentecostals, Reformed folk, etc. they would almost universally say that this distinction… Catholic vs Christian is not only real, it is essential! This is also holds true for nearly every […]

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The One About The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Is Peter the Pope

Did you hear the one about the One holy catholic and apostolic church? If you read modern Roman Catholic arguments for why you should “return home” or “come back to the mother Church,” or “Swim the Tiber,” one of the most common (and even compelling) arguments is that Christ established only ONE Holy, Catholic and Apostolic […]

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