Religious Exemption Template for Active Duty Troops

ICYMI... Our Active Duty troops are being ordered (unconstitutionally) by their commands to take the Covid-19 Vaccine or be penalized. Depending on the Command, consequences can be administrative (not deployable) or worse. Many troops are being disciplined and even thrown out of the military with less than honorable discharges.

This is a DISGRACE on our military, our president and our country.

I have created this TEMPLATE for a religious exemption. Most commands offer you a religious exemption, but they are vague.

Send this religious exemption letter to your commander. Let them know WHY you are refusing to take the vaccine. The letter provides a moral foundation from Scripture as well as evidence that the vaccine will cause you harm.

You can download the template in PDF form, DOC form, or ODT (Open Office) form.

Use it and share it with other active duty troops. We MUST resist this tyranny or face living under a Facist regime. Do your duty to defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic! RESIST. 


ODT FORM (Open Office)

Microsoft Word DOC Form