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“Christian Marriage” Mark 10: 2-16 Fr. Jeffrey Smith

Christian Marriage and Divorce

“From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” I know that there are some who now dispute that our species has just two sexes — this point on which Genesis and Darwin are agreed — but, if you don’t mind, I will take that as a given for this sermon I will […]

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What is Holy Communion? Is It the Real Presence of Christ or Simply a Memorial of His Death?

holy communion

There are many doctrines which separate Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Justification, Papal Infallibility and the Magisterium, just to name a few. The Protestant Reformers attacked each and every one of these doctrines, demonstrating quite handily that the Roman Church either ignored the clear teaching of Scripture or flat out denied it.  With other doctrines, the […]

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Liturgy is Not Boring

The Liturgy of the Church

In spite of what many Christians think, liturgy is not boring!A common refrain you hear from ex-Catholics and Evangelicals is that church liturgy is rote, stale, un-spontaneous, repetitious and “not from the heart.”What many Christians fail to realize is that EVERY church has a liturgy.No matter how simple your church service is, it is still […]

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