Is the Pre-Trib Rapture the Greatest Magic Trick of All Time?

Over the past couple of years, I developed a minor interest in magic. I especially love the mentalist, mind bending tricks. All magic as you know is “slight of hand.” It is literally leading people to look “here” and not “there. Satan (or Lucifer) is the GREATEST magician of all time. Bar none. He is not only […]

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Religious Exemption Template for Active Duty Troops

military vaccine mandate

ICYMI… Our Active Duty troops are being ordered (unconstitutionally) by their commands to take the Covid-19 Vaccine or be penalized. Depending on the Command, consequences can be administrative (not deployable) or worse. Many troops are being disciplined and even thrown out of the military with less than honorable discharges. This is a DISGRACE on our military, […]

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What is Truth That is Christian?

Christian Cross in Clouds

Truth That is ChristianIs there such a thing as truth that is Christian? Yes. There is truth that is Christian. But the complete answer may surprise you. You see, the story of truth began at the very inception of time and space.”In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)How did God […]

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“Christian Marriage” Mark 10: 2-16 Proper 22B, Boise, 2021 – Fr. Jeffrey Smith

Christian Marriage and Divorce

“From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” I know that there are some who now dispute that our species has just two sexes — this point on which Genesis and Darwin are agreed — but, if you don’t mind, I will take that as a given for this sermon I will […]

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What Does the Bible Say About Civil Disobedience?

Civil Disobedience with St Michael

Many, many Christians today have a LOT of questions about civil disobedience, and specifically, what does the Bible say about civil disobedience? Truthfully, questions about civil disobedience have never been that relevant for Christians living in the West. If you are a Christian living in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel or China, questions about civil disobedience have […]

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Why I Became an Anglican

Anglican Church of North America

If you read the other posts on this site, you might think that I am “Pro Catholic.” This is true. I am Pro Catholic, but it would be better to say that I am Pro catholic with a small “c.” The word catholic means very simply “universal,” so in general when we talk about the catholic church […]

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How Should Christians Respond to Q?

By: Rev. Doug Van Dorn, Pastor & Author. Click Here to check out Pastor Doug’s recent work, Conspiracy Theory, A Christian Evaluation of a Taboo Subject. The following is a discussion I had with my long-time church pastor when I came into his office unannounced seeking comfort from the trouble I was beset with due […]

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What is Holy Communion? Is It the Real Presence of Christ or Simply a Memorial of His Death?

holy communion

If you had to pick one doctrine that separates Protestants from Catholics, it would probably boil down to the doctrine of Communion (Eucharist for Catholics). Catholics believe in Transubstantiation. Protestants don’t. First of all, what is Transubstantiation? Roman Catholics (as well as Orthodox, Coptic and many Anglicans) believe that the bread and wine in communion, or […]

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Liturgy is Not Boring

The Liturgy of the Church

In spite of what many Christians think, liturgy is not boring!A common refrain you hear from ex-Catholics and Evangelicals is that church liturgy is rote, stale, un-spontaneous, repetitious and “not from the heart.”What many Christians fail to realize is that EVERY church has a liturgy.No matter how simple your church service is, it is still […]

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Why Are Christians So Mean?

Why are Christians so mean

Former Pastor reveals all… Why Are Christians so Mean?Practically everybody knows, even folks that aren’t Christians, that the Bible in general and Jesus in particular talked a LOT about love. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you,” and “do good to those that hate you!”There are also […]

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Three Reasons Why the World Has to End

Why the World Has to End

Three Reasons Why the World Has to EndThis is part one of a three-part post in my Theology 101 Series. Part one is – Three Reasons Why the World Has to End. Part two will be – Three Things to Do BEFORE The World Ends. Part three will be, “Three Ways the World Will Be […]

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